Technical Theatre 1-4

Technical Theatre 1 students learn the basics of scenery, props, lighting and sound design and production. Five hours are required per quarter for technical theatre students. All students are encouraged to join Stage Crew, set, lighting, sound or props crew for the school productions. Five ‘homework” hours or two stage crew workshops are required per quarter for technical theatre 1 students.

Level 2-4 students work at an intermediate/advanced level to complete design and production projects, mentoring, and design and production support for the fall play and spring musical. Students work to create a professional portfolio of their work. All advanced students are encouraged to participate in the Florida District Thespian Festival. Juniors and seniors are also urged to present their portfolio to colleges at the Florida Theatre Conference in the fall. Five ‘homework” hours are required per quarter for technical theatre 2-3 students. Ten "homework" hours of technical theatre work per quarter is required for level 4 honors credit.

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