Theatre 3-4 

This is an honors class.  Extra assignments will need to be completed outside of regular class time and submitted on or before the due date in order to earn honors credit.  Students in this class will have the opportunity to attend the Florida Theatre Conference college auditions and Thespian District Festival this fall and winter. Theatre 4 students will present student directed scenes in the Winter showcase on December 6. The course will culminate  in a one-act play performed as part of the Spring Showase, May 2, 2018. Students are encouraged to join drama club, audition for plays, work backstage, or view live play performances to enrich their theatre experience. 

Article - 20 Plays you should read

Fools PPT

The Humans PPT

You Can’t Take It With You PPT

Medea PPT

A Doll’s House 2 PPT

Noises Off PPT

Othello PPT

Anatomy of Gray PPT

School for Wives PPT

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